Self and Immunity – A free seminar on Tue, May 28 at 4PM – 6PM (Lita & Israel time).

Ronnie Solan Ph.D

We, Arseny Tarabanov and Ronnie Solan invite you to a free online seminar on:

Self and Immunity: neuropsychoanalytic view

Tue, May 28 at 4PM – 6PM (Lita & Israel time).

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Self and Immunity: neuropsychoanalytic view

We, Dr. Arseny Tarabanov (PhD), Director at Institute of Neurocommunications and Psychotherapy in Lithuania ( and Ronnie Solan (PhD), Senior Psychoanalyst and Clinical Psychologist in Israel ( invite you to join our online Seminar (free of charge) on Tuesday, the 28th Mai, 2019 at 16.00pm time in Lithuania and Israel (check please your time).

Ronnie Solan will provide the first part of our seminar which will focus on:

1.The importance of the Healthy Narcissism processing as an Emotional Immune System of the True Self familiarity (The Self represents the agglomeration of memory traces of all its experiences). 2. The processing of the immune system for example by attraction to the familiar and being alerted, resisting or rejecting strangers. 3. In what circumstances the pathological narcissism (that we know its symptoms) overrule in life. 4. How the narcissistic immune of the true Self facilitates tolerance & curiosity about the stranger, enables the maintenance of love relations – albeit conflicts that emerge – and the secretion of hormones in brain like Oxytocin and Dopamine (that provide the sense of pleasure and happiness). Hence, the person may often experience well-being, love and happiness.

Arseny Tarabanov will provide the second part of seminar which will be dedicated to the neuropsychoanalytic view on immunology. Neuropsychoanalysis makes its own remarkable contribution to the understanding of mind–brain relationships. Nowadays we are able to combine knowledge of immunology and psychoanalytic view with neuroscience. We are also able to verify how the brain affects the course of many somatic diseases, such as obvious vulnerabilities to infectious disease, cancers and autoimmune diseases as well. Cells of the immune system are capable of producing neurotransmitters, which are released into the blood. Neuropsychoanalysis takes into account how the CNS affects the immune system but abnormal immune responses leading to excessive concentrations of certain cytokines within the CNS are in the main focus of attention. We will also discuss the long-term effects of psychoanalytic therapy on neuroimmune network in relation with unconscious memory revision and affect regulation management.

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