Upcoming Webinar – Psychoanalytic Insight On Couplehood

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Monday, Feb, 24, 2020 09.30 AM to 11.30 AM EST
Via Live Interactive Webinar ONLY
Course Description:
Freud never wrote a dedicated book about couples, but
some of his most classical insights can be effectively
applied to couples in a most profound and practical
manner. We will begin with a review of some familiar
concepts and expand on Freudian object relation theory.
We will discuss how object relations are established and developed in order to scrutinize why psychotherapy with couples is so
complicated. We’ll acknowledge why couples so often erupt with conflicts and why
it is so difficult, but so important, to tolerate the otherness of our dearest others–
children, spouse, parents and of our clients as well. We will disclose why
respecting the autonomy of others, their separateness and maintaining love
relationships –is challenging, and yet so vital.

We will explore why are we so attracted to the FAMILIAR in our partners but Resist
their STRANGENESS and why it is so easy to destruct love relations and so difficult
to re-establish them? We will cover a lively illustration using 2 or more case

This course will help participants acknowledge why we, the therapists, tend so easily to project our own familiarities. It will help us find ways to help our couples-
patients to understand that their tendency to destroy love relationships is linked to reverberations of childhood memory traces that overrule their life, facing
frustrations, narcissistic injuries, and trauma. We will explore what’s needed for
and from each partner like patient and therapist, parent and child, as well as
between spouses in order to establish the Art of Couplehood.

Principals of psychoanalytic-psychodynamic theory can help psychotherapists and
patients to re-create a better couplehood relations.
Part I: Foundations of couples, conflicts and insights
Part II; Case studies; Q & A
Learning Outcomes

• Participants will discover the impact of childhood experiences on
• Participants will gain at least five basic psychoanalytic-psychodynamic
concepts of the complexity of couplehood.
• Participants will learn the different experiences of love according to the
developmental stages
• Participants will gain four methods to enable spouses to enjoy love in their
Art of Couplehood while dealing with their conflict of interests,
aggressiveness and tendency to destruct.

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