Book on Relationship Psychology

The influence of Inner Child on Relationships

The Enigma of Childhood is a comprehensive book on relationship psychology that ventures deep into the memories of childhood and the immense influence it has on the adult life as couples, partners and even parents. The key to understanding the basic psychology that governs the decision making for the rest of the lives, lies in the experience a child has between the birth and first three years.

What it takes to maintain a healthy relationship and making it last for a long time? The book on relationship psychology aims to answer it. The otherness that poses challenges to self-familiarity needs to be understood and respect by the “self” so that the relationship can grow. Based on various observations, the detailed examples on how the child psychology influences relationships between couples and partners helps unify the sense of strangeness and embrace the otherness.

The book’s findings cater to relationships people have with their partners, spouses, children and even co-workers. The deep child psychology that develops during the early years often influences the later life choices and behaviors and may be in contradiction with the other people’s choices and needs. Couples and partners may have different needs in terms of emotion, comfort, intimacy and when these don’t match, the conflict arises. The book aims to help develop a healthy and successful relationship by understanding how to come into terms with these changes and demands.

Book on Relationship Psychology

The book on relationship psychology brings together the vital points that couples and partners need to understand in regards to other’s needs and aspirations. The book will help in understanding the psychology behind the jointness- separateness. The similarities that bring together people in harmony can be threatened by the dissimilarities that often give rise to conflict, rage, anger and differences.

The findings of the book will help people understand and accept the otherness to develop, maintain and nurture a healthy relationship which is far from conflicting emotions.