Book on Child Development Psychology

The Enigma of Childhood: A Book on Child Development Psychology and on Relationship Psychology ~By Ronnie Solan

The Enigma of Childhood: The Profound Impact of the First Years of Life on Adults as Couples and Parents is a book on child development psychology and on relationship psychology that invites readers to get themselves familiar with the most important phase of their lives. The childhood plays an important role in shaping the life you have today and the kind of relationship you have with your spouse, partners and your own children. The book aims to show how these formative years have such a profound effect on your present life.

The Enigma of childhood describes in details and through real life examples the emotional and psychological development of a child, right from the birth to the next 3 years. Through extensive research including psychotherapy and observation of children, adults and couples. The Enigma captures the influence of childhood memories traces and experiences that influences the major decision making process in your life.

These early childhood experiences help develop the sense of familiarity of our Self, of our beloved ones and of each ones’ identity.  The healthy narcissism helps preserve all that is familiar. The Enigma discloses similarities between the role played by healthy narcissism, and that played by the biological immune system. In short, it is narcissistic immunological activity that, according to Solan, maintains and protects our Self-familiarity against ‘alien’ stimuli or ‘otherness’.  Thus, this very sense of preserving familiarity often causes us to get in conflict with the otherness that emerges out of our partners (spouses or children). Facing strangeness and otherness provoke us to resist or reject this otherness (like racism and xenophobia) or cause us to be alerted, anxious (like stranger anxiety), injured or shamed (like low self-esteem and false-self). When we reveal the love and happiness which we experienced in our childhood, when we manage to accept and respect the separateness of our partner (child and spouse) and tolerate their otherness – there is a possibility of re-enjoying a lifelong love and happiness.

The Enigma of Childhood is a comprehensive book on child development psychology and Relationship Psychology that shows the relations between the early childhood memories and adult life.

Book on Child Development Psychology

The Enigma of Childhood aims to help spouses and partners and parents to preserve their love and happiness for a long time through understanding of the enigma that is childhood, of the child hidden in the adult. Understanding the development of child psychology and relationship psychology will give you an insight into your own psychology to help understand why we behave the way we do.

The Enigma of Childhood reflects back your childhood, the true self that keeps on influencing your life throughout your lifespan.