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All of us need to be refueled by love

I send a virtual hug to you who open now my post

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Why our childhood leave such an impact on us

The answer is linked to the fascinating processing of the Narcissism as an Emotional Immune System. My book The Enigma of Childhood – The Profound Impact of the first Years of Life on Adults as Couples and Parents, is focuses

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The Healthy Narcissism

Ronnie Solan Ph.D psychoanalyst-clinical psychologyst-psychotherapist, working with children, adults and couples as well as lecturing I found this Audiopedia to my surprise at the YouTube library concerning (inter alia) my re-conceptualization of the Healthy Narcissism. It might interest my friends

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How to Get Your Child to Sleep

An exhausted mother bathes her child, puts him in comfy pajamas, reads a bedtime story, and gives a final hug before drawing up the blankets. She tucks him in, whispering “night, night,” and tip toes toward the bedroom door. No

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Why do we let Our Harmful Choices Repeat Themselves?

What a paradox! It is so challenging to become immune to the happiness and love that have emerged from the art of coupelehood and so easy to destroy it due to intolerance to the otherness. The art of couplehood relies

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