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Why is it so Difficult to Maintain Loving Relationships?

Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal ISSN 2474-7688 Perspective Volume 1 Issue 4 – November 2016 DOI: 10.19080/PBSIJ.2016.01.555570 Psychol Behav Sci Int J Copyright © All rights are reserved by Ronnie Solan Why is it so Difficult to Maintain Loving

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Did you know that behind the pathological narcissism a healthy narcissism is functioning?

I wish to address myself to you, my professional colleagues, and to share and discuss with you my insightful renewing concepts of the well-known psychological terms, like healthy narcissism, jointness-separateness object relations, the art of couplehood and much more. I

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Crying, smiling, hugging and kissing signal emotional communication

Crying is one of the primary affective/emotional signals in the oral stage, indicating “minor or major differences” in the baby’s emotional/physical state (for example, hunger, pain, distress, panic). Crying is a kind of alarm bell that triggers an immediate emotional

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All of us need to be refueled by love

I send a virtual hug to you who open now my post

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Why our childhood leave such an impact on us

The answer is linked to the fascinating processing of the Narcissism as an Emotional Immune System. My book The Enigma of Childhood – The Profound Impact of the first Years of Life on Adults as Couples and Parents, is focuses

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The Healthy Narcissism

Ronnie Solan Ph.D psychoanalyst-clinical psychologyst-psychotherapist, working with children, adults and couples as well as lecturing I found this Audiopedia to my surprise at the YouTube library concerning (inter alia) my re-conceptualization of the Healthy Narcissism. It might interest my friends

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