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Did you know that behind pathological narcissism lies a healthier, functional version?

I wish to address myself to you, my professional colleagues, and to share and discuss with you my insights concerning some well-known psychological terms. I elaborate further upon these concepts in my new book The Enigma of Childhood – The

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How to Soothe Your Child’s Fear of Noises

Does your child have a fear of noises? Laura has recently given birth to her third boy, Tommy. The other two are just three and six years old, and the noise levels would be too much for many mothers to

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Familiarity Starts Months Before Birth: The Importance of in Utero Experiences

An infant is born with a degree of familiarisation with the world that awaits him or her. This sets the stage for the important developmental milestones that will follow. Right from the moment he is born, a newborn will latch

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Does your toddler want to go it alone? Giving your toddler independence is no easy task

  Your toddler’s independence can come as a major challenge to what you thought you knew. One of the continual trials of parenting is adapting to your child’s ever-changing needs. Just as you’re getting the hang of one stage, you’re

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Stranger anxiety is normal for babies… But how should parents react?

“Stranger anxiety” is something that we can all relate to. No one ever feels perfectly comfortable when they’re around someone, or in a situation, that they’re unfamiliar with. Babies experience it at a far higher intensity than we do. Take

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