Enigma Of Childhood

Why it is so complicated to maintain a satisfying relationship?

How couplehood is an art, which, starting in infancy continues throughout life in numerous shapes and variations?

Why—when we have finally chosen an appropriate partner or spouse—do we risk spoiling the relationship under the impact of painful childhood experiences?

How can we preserve partnership, happiness and love relations with our partner or spouse?


Dear friends, I am very glad to share with you that these days that we are all closed at home I increased my capacity to provide online therapy/supervision and even lectures all around the globes. Please feel free to contact me through Email:ronnie.solan@gmail.com
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Enigma Of Childhood in Chinese

I am happy and very excited to share with you the "birth" of my book "Enigma of Childhood" translated into Chinese


Hi, I’m Ronnie Solan.

Welcome to my Website where you can find information about me and my book.

I invite you, the reader, to take part in this journey to discover the secret door which ultimately leads to the solving of this paradoxical enigma. I tempt the reader to familiarize with the childhood emotional development and how childhood experiences influence adulthood, couplehood and parenthood present life with my book on child psychology. I try to reveal, step by step, how our decision-making “processor” is actually a product of what I describe as our emotional immune system. THE ENIGMA OF CHILDHOOD is a book on child psychology for parents, couples and partners where I attempt to show that our capacity to be happy and loved will depend on our ability to balance the opposing forces of destruction and construction and mainly to tolerate the otherness of our partners.

Book on Relationship Psychology

The Enigma of Childhood is a book on child development psychology that will help couples and partners to understand the inner child psychology and the early memories and the influence it has on their present relationship. 

My aim is to allow partners to bridge over the strangeness that we so often feel between one another and to find approaches to join each other: To encourage intimate joining (spaces of jointness) albeit the emergence of fillings of otherness which might trigger tendency to destruct communication.


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